Host Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap logoTheology on Tap is a great opportunity for young Catholic adults to meet in a comfortable setting to explore our faith and how it affects our lives.

Renew International’s Theology on Tap is a licensed program that encourages the exploration of faith amongst young adults, ages 18-35, in a setting that is meant to be non-threatening and open to dialogue. It must also be known that since the Church’s call for the New Evangelization, Theology on Tap has become a vehicle for reaching out to those who are not yet disciples in the "new areopogi" or to engage those who may feel uncomfortable in traditional Church settings.

  1. Identify if there is an interest for Theology on Tap in the parish, vicariate, or region.
  2. Consult pastor and acquire his approval.
  3. Identify a proper location: a bar that has the capacity for a group to listen to a speaker. Contact owner/manager to set up the event. Most events are dutch treat, meaning the attendees pay for their own bills.
  4. Identify a speaker and a topic. Contact speaker and confirm commitment to the date and topic pending AOD approval.
  5. Create a flyer and promote the event. Create two versions of the flyer: 8.5x11 and a business card size for parish bulletins. Send a pdf version of the flyer to the AOD YACM Liaison.
  6. Complete the form and turn into the AOD YACM Liaison.
  7. Advertise in the parish and in neighboring parishes by contacting pastors and bulletin editors. Follow up on messages and emails.
  8. Contact the vicar and inform him of the event so that it may be publicized and promoted on the vicariate level.
  9. Use social media whenever possible. Creating a Facebook event or a following on Twitter are very helpful. Constantly remind people of the event.
  10. Personally invite individuals to attend, especially those who may be on the fringe of faith.
  11. Set up a vehicle to collect contact information from attendees (phone, email, and social media)
  12. Look at www.renewtot.org for best practices when hosting Theology on Tap.
  13. Provide AOD YACM Liaison with feedback regarding the Theology on Tap event.
  14. The AOD Young Adult Ministry will provide for half of the speaker’s cost up to $100 for a single event.

If you are interested in hosting or presenting at a Theology on Tap event, Download the Informational Form or fill out the forms online by following the links below.