Ethiopia Immersion Experience

FULL (Faith Unleashed, Led by Love)
May 15–26, 2020 | Open to ages 21-35


In May of 2020, the Archdiocese of Detroit Office of Young Adult & Campus Ministry is offering a unique immersion experience in Ethiopia for young adults. The FULL Experience is based on the abundance or fullness of life Jesus came to offer in John 10:10, which is the mission of the diocese we will be encountering in Meki, Ethiopia.  The trip will include numerous opportunities for young adults to share their faith and learn about the lives of the Ethiopian people including participation in a special feast day celebrated in the Cathedral, assisting with training sessions focused on evangelization and catechesis, interacting with children in the Catholic schools, learning about programs such as Women’s Empowerment Projects, Emergency Food Distributions, and Clean Water Source Projects, while growing as a small community through retreats, nightly reflections, and Mass.  There will also be an opportunity to experience the beauty of the country at nature parks. The FULL experience will help young adults to learn about the work of Catholic Relief Services through their numerous programs which provide life giving support to the community.  We hope that the stories you hear and the experiences that you have will lead you to continue to work towards justice, peace, and evangelization in Ethiopia and in your home community.
Space is limited so as you begin the registration process, please check for availability by contacting Patrick Howard ( or 313-237-4647) or Beth Allison (

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You Don’t Have to Go to Ethiopia to Help

There are also many opportunities to support of the work of Catholic Relief Services and the Catholic Church in Meki, Ethiopia.



Support the Ethiopian Fuel Saving Stove project by saving money from one trip to your local coffee shop which will provide the funds to purchase a stove for a family that will change their lives for $5.  The stoves are made by the local women to help their fellow Sisters in Christ improve the cooking conditions for themselves and their families.  Fuel Saving Stoves emit less smoke which improves the air quality in the home and the stoves heat up faster, reducing the amount of fuel and firewood needed.    

One fuel saving stove= $5



The St. Gabriel School Library is outdated with very few hard copy books.  Help donate funds for books in the students’ native language (and English) to assist in preparing them for the future.  Quality education reduces social risk and increases knowledge transfer for future generations.

  • Biology Textbook $10 (Qty Needed: 50)  | Ethical Education of Civics $10 (Qty Needed: 15)
  • Chemistry Textbook $10.50 (Qty Needed: 40) | English Textbook $12 (Qty Needed: 30)
  • Physics Textbook $13 (Qty Needed: 30) | Amharic Textbook $10 (Qty Needed: 30)
  • Geography Textbook $10  (Qty Needed: 20) | Oromiffa Textbook $9 (Qty Needed: 20)
  • History Textbook $10  (Qty Needed: 20) | Novels $4 (Qty Needed: 100)
  • Dictionary $19 (Qty Needed: 20)


Water is scarce in rural communities.  Women and children have the responsibility to fetch water from distances as a far as 6 kilometers from village to water source.  Catholic Relief Services has been working on the expansion of water sources to alleviate the strain on the women and children. In many areas the distance will still be great.

By the end of the project, the workload of 440 poor women is reduced through the provision of donkeys and carts as means of transport.

For your $300.00 donation you can provide a family with a Donkey, a cart and two sheep.  



Boosting Basic Quality Education for an Ethiopian Child: Help provide a Computer Application Training Center for the Primary and Secondary students of St. Gabriel School.  Currently for 1,672 students, the school has three functioning outdated computers (see photo).  St. Gabriel will use this technology to prepare the upcoming generation in leadership and communication skills.  Set-up includes: one computer connected to 60 LCD monitors and keyboards, LCD projector and white board.

Total Cost: $10,000.      

Donate by writing a check to the Archdiocese of Detroit – Central Operations and send it to the attention of Patrick Howard at 12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226.