2021 Podcast Report

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The Department of Communications has prepared a report outlining the mission, target audience, and data on listener engagement for the five AOD-produced podcasts

Updated 24 days ago

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Dear Father,

In his pastoral letter Unleash the Gospel, Archbishop Vigneron asked us to “recognize the advances in social media and information technology as God-given opportunities for spreading the Gospel in our time.” As part of our response to that charge, the department of communications of the Archdiocese of Detroit currently produces and promotes five podcasts that aim to inform, form, and inspire missionary disciples: Open Door Policy, Eyes on Jesus, Encounter Grow Witness, Detroit Stories, and Men of the Hearts.

Podcasts are powerful tools to engage with the faithful, especially younger people and those seeking connection with the Church. Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of media among the Millennial and Gen Z generations: It is reported that 62 percent of young people ages 13 to 39 years old listen to podcasts, with 26 percent reporting that they listen to podcasts every week.

In an effort to more effectively share these resources with you, we prepared the attached report outlining each podcast’s mission and target audience. The report includes a list of all episodes available as well as insights from the hosts and feedback from the listeners. We also present data highlighting our listeners’ engagement and instructions for how to listen.

We invite you to review the report to familiarize yourself with these podcasts, and to consider utilizing and promoting these evangelistic resources with your parishes and schools.

Thank you for all you do in your parish communities to advance the mission of Christ. Please know of our prayers and commitment to support you.

In Christ,

Edmundo Reyes

Director of Communications

Archdiocese of Detroit