IMPORTANT – Update from MCC on Secure Halo Strategy and Timing

shield  Mission Support
Posted 23 days ago

We have received a couple questions recently related to the overall strategy of the MCC’s rollout of Secure Halo. The MCC has provided the following additional information. If you have any questions, please email

Is Secure Halo just phishing testing, or will training also be provided?

Secure Halo will provide cyber security training and webinars in addition to the phishing tests.

We need more information on the timing. Our IT team needs to be prepared.

In March, Secure Halo will begin sending their trainings and phishing simulations. The exact dates/timing of the phishing simulations cannot be shared (that defeats the purpose), but expect phishing attempts at least every other month. The first training will be sent within the first couple weeks of March with 5 additional trainings (total of 6) spaced throughout the year.