Updates from the Office of Sacred Worship Regarding Music Ministry

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Posted 50 days ago

In addition to the composition contest for the Archdiocese of Detroit for the National Eucharistic Revival, we have received word that there is also a National Eucharistic Revival Musical Competition.

Archdiocese of Detroit:

Recall that we invited musicians to compose a Eucharistic Hymn or text that could be set to an existing public domain setting. These are two distinct opportunities. The prize is $1000.00 for each category. The deadline continues to be Ash Wednesday. The winners will be announced on Divine Mercy Sunday. The winning hymns will be sent to all our musicians to include in the parish year celebrating the Eucharistic Revival, which begins on June 11 (Corpus Christi), 2023.

National Competition:

The National Competition also includes two opportunities. One is for Hymn writing, and the other is for a Theme song. Each of these is described in English and Spanish. The deadline for submission is April 21, 2023. The winners will be announced on June 9, 2023. The prize is $2500.00. A form included with the description must be signed with the submission.

Updating Our Contact List:

We are trying to update the contact list for our musicians in each parish and Family of Parishes. We are asking for name, parish, email, other contact information (if desired), and if the musician would be willing to serve as a substitute when there is a need. We could access this information through ParishSOFT if it is current. We have asked those named Directors of Worship for their Family of Parishes for this information, and some have sent it in. We would like to send a newsletter or update information but cannot because of outdated contacts. Please help us to assist you in your ministry.