To: All Parishes, Schools and Catholic Organizations in the Official Catholic Directory

From: Mr. Michael Trueman, Chancellor

Re: Official Catholic Directory Reporting

The annual online updating for 2023 edition of The Official Catholic Directory (OCD) has begun. If you are listed in the OCD, the contact person you listed in last year’s filing will have received by now an email notice of this fact. If you are not that person, please make sure that person is aware that the updating must now be done. If that person is no longer available, decide who will do the reporting this year and proceed.

First Step: Register! Go to, click the 'Register' button and follow the registration process.

Why is it important to review and update? The Official Catholic Directory is the best way for donors and granting bodies to verify your entity's inclusion in the IRS/USCCB's Group Ruling Exemption. Failure to keep your listing current could impede your ability to prove your tax‐exempt status.

Upon logging in, we encourage you to visit the brief Video Tutorials posted on the site to familiarize yourself with how to navigate and utilize the system. The system might look slightly different in the videos, but the functionality is the same.

There is no need to report Family of Parishes data points to the OCD. Shared staff, clergy included, must remain employees of one or another parish; report that person in that parish report. Each parish remains distinct in the Family, so report for each parish and don’t try to aggregate data for some sort of Family report.

The Deadline for completing your updates and submitting your information is December 7, 2022. Please note that the online reporting portal is optimized to work with Google Chrome.