Schools: Book Deliveries & SoulCore Schedule

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Posted 33 days ago

As you know, DCS will be providing Matthew Kelly’s book, Life is Messy, to all teachers and staff in our schools. Those orders have either been directly shipped to your school or will be delivered by a member of our team in the coming weeks. All deliveries will be complete before Christmas break.

Please share the attached letter with your teachers and staff before you distribute the books to them. This letter extends our deepest gratitude and provides information behind the purpose of the book and SoulCore.

SoulCore will be offered at 9:30 a.m. via Zoom, Dec. 18, Feb. 12, April 9, and June 4. Each month will focus on a different mystery of the Holy Rosary, beginning with the Joyful in December, Sorrowful in February, Glorious in April, and Luminous mysteries in June. In order to register and receive the Zoom link, participants must first complete the waiver form. Upon completion, the Zoom link will be emailed by Carrie Kuhar. For more information about SoulCore, please review and share the attached FAQ document.