Engaging the Young Church Conference 2022

Sep 23 8:00AM
Sep 24 2:30PM

St. Anastasia Roman Catholic Church | 4571 John R Rd, Troy, MI 48085

At the Heart: Relationships that Understand, Trust, and Accompany

Inspired by the story of Eli mentoring Samuel (1 Samuel 3:8b), this year’s conference will focus on building relationships with young people and helping them grow in relationship with God. The keynotes will explore where young people currently are, the relationships they have, and how our parish and school ministries can foster opportunities for authentic relationship and growing in friendship with the Lord.

The invitation to believe in the Gospel is always personal: it is not a moral program but the offer of communion with a person, Jesus. “Heart speaks to heart,” as Cardinal John Henry Newman put it. The invitation is effective if it is made by a joyful disciple, one who has found joy in responding to the Lord’s demands. The evangelist presents the challenges of the Gospel not as the word of a superior to an inferior, but of a friend to a friend. Relationships are key to this whole process. We prepare the ground by first establishing trust, and then we offer accompaniment to the sinner along the challenging road to life in Christ. (UTG, Marker 1.2)

Join Robert Feduccia of EQ Saints for dynamic keynotes at the Engaging the Young Church Conference this year.

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