2219 Coolidge Hwy

2219 Coolidge Highway
MI 48072

School Floor Plans Landry Center - Upper Level Landry Center - Lower Level

Property Name: Our Lady of LaSalette School

Location: 2219 Coolidge Highway, Berkley, MI 48072

The school addition was built in 1947 and the Landry Center addition was added in 1987. The 1947 school addition consists of three floors of classrooms and school space. The Landry Center addition came in 1987 and consists of two floors broken down into a lower level cafeteria with kitchen and supporting rooms, and an upper level gymnasium with supporting rooms. The overall square footage of the building is estimated at 54,900 SF.


The school portion consists of three floors and the room break-down is as follows: 20 classrooms, two sets of men’s/women’s bathrooms, two administrative offices, teacher’s lounge, two maintenance rooms, a copy room, a religious education office, a library, and two sets of stairs.

The school portion has a brick exterior with aluminum case windows and a flat rubber membrane

Roof and has been recently updated. The school is of concrete block construction and interior finishes include ceramic tile, vinyl tile, and carpet flooring. Walls are exposed painted concrete block and ceilings are plaster and/or drop ceiling/acoustical tile. Bathrooms are of original finish porcelain fixtures and ceramic tile flooring. Interior lighting consists of typical hanging fluorescent fixtures. The schools heat system includes boiler radiant heat and no cooling system is noted.


The Landry Center portion consists of two floors. The lower level room break-down is as follows: full kitchen with storage, men’s and women’s bathroom, library/lounge, general purpose room, multipurpose room/cafeteria with seating for 426 persons, and four additional storage rooms.

The upper level room break-down is as follows: activities room, media room, refreshments/ticket office, men’s and women’s bathroom, auditorium/gymnasium, locker rooms, bingo office, and storage room. The Landry Center includes two sets of stairs and an elevator. The Landry Center portion has a brick exterior with vinyl casements windows at a flat rubber membrane roof. The rubber membrane roof is new as of 2006. Interior finishes include hardwood flooring in the gym/auditorium with additional vinyl tile and carpet flooring in the remainder. The kitchen is a full commercial kitchen and is sufficient for food preparation; cafeteria seating is for 426 persons. Interior walls consist of exposed painted concrete block and plaster, while ceilings are drop ceiling/acoustical tile. Interior lighting consists of typical hanging fluorescent fixtures. The Landry Center has a roof mounted HVAC unit for heating and cooling of the upper level.  The lower level is heated and cooled via two gas forced warm air furnaces and central air units.


The existing property is made up of four parcels. The four parcels are identified by the local assessor under parcel ID numbers 25-18-431-015, 25-18-431-016, 25-18-431-017, and 25-18-431-022.The three subject parcels -015, -016, and -017 are zoned R-2 Two Family Residential. The fourth parcel, -022, is zoned Office.

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