Priests' Retirement

With Thanks for Their Service in Christ 

The blessings of a priest to our Catholic life of faith are boundless. Perhaps a priest baptized your infant daughter, or administered your son’s first Holy Communion. Perhaps he witnessed your marriage vows as you celebrated the Sacrament of Matrimony, or presided at the funeral Mass of a loved one called home to the Lord.

But the retirement years can be difficult for these men who dedicate as many as 50 years or more of their lives to caring for and ministering to others. With gratitude for their years of faithful ministry, Catholics in the Archdiocese of Detroit have acknowledged and embraced the responsibility for helping our priests during their retirement. At age 70, our priests begin receiving automobile and health insurance and a $1,500 monthly pension from the Priests’ Pension Plan. Senior priests use this money for basic needs, such as food, housing and transportation.

Each year, parishes in the Archdiocese of Detroit have the option of taking up a special collection to help pay its per-priest pension plan assessment. This special collection, With Thanks for Their Service in Christ, is held each September.

Please take a moment to read the stories of three senior priests who continue to serve the Archdiocese, and prayerfully consider your gift to the Priests’ Pension Plan.

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