Those with a passion for serving others may hear God's call to turn to the diocesan priesthood and consecrated life to fulfill their life’s mission. Religious vocations includes the diocesan priesthood and permanent diaconate, and religious order priests, consecrated life and other religious formations. Each person takes their own path in vocations, which could lead to celebrating the Gospel, teaching children or serving the poor and sick.

  • Become a Priest »

    Learn more about beginning on the path to the priesthood, including resources for parents, seminary life and information on the daily life of a priest at

  • Permanent Diaconate »

    The deacon is a man of faith called by the church to serve God and God's people as an official representative of the church. He assists the bishop and priests in performing sacraments, proclamation of the Gospel and by dedicating himself to the charity.

  • Religious Life »

    Entering consecrated life is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It is both a spiritual and life decision that must be considered through reflection and prayer. To find more information about joining a particular religious order, visit

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