Help me today to control myself.
To control my actions;
to control my thoughts.
To control my tongue;
to control my deepest feelings of my soul.
Help me make wise decisions,
help me to know what is right.
Do not let me trip whenever temptations come.
Do not let me get distracted by fulfilling my earthly desires.
Please give me the strength you had at Gethsemane.
Help me be strong whenever I am about to fall.
Jesus, I love you above everything else.

Mariana, Grade 8, Everest Academy

Jesus said, “Love all things.”
What does that mean to me?
When in a hurry – be patient.
When playing sports – play fairly.
When angry – hold your temper.
When upset – use kind words.
When bothered by someone – walk away.
When you want to talk – be a good listener.
When questioned – tell the truth.
Dear Jesus,
Help me to keep my emotions balanced.

Grade 3, St. Clare of Montefalco

Samantha, Grade 4, St. Mary School Rockwood


Marissa, Divine Child Religious Education

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