God is love.
He watches us from above.
He said, “I will build a world of green and blue.
It will have girls, boys, and animals too.
I will make it round like a ball,
And there will be enough love for all.”
God’s people should not push or shove,
Because that is not a sign of love.
God’s love lasts for all time,
We should be thankful and let our light shine.

Natalie, Grade 3, St. Sebastian

Lord, help me to love my neighbor
as myself.  Keep me in your heart
and give me the strength to love every-
one, even my enemies.  Help me to know
that I should love you above all things.  Lord,
help me to understand that everything on
earth is part of your creation and everything
deserves to be loved. 

Michael, Grade 8, St. Isaac Jogues


Anika, Grade 5, St. Regis School


Samantha, Grade 5, St. Genevieve School

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