Jesus, help me to
be kind hearted
like you.   When you
were being persecuted
You were never angry.
You never condemned
anyone for not
believing in you.  You
always have kindness
in your heart.  Jesus,
help me to strive to
be like you, in your

Melanie Kate, Grade 8, St. Regis

Help us to be kind and trust
in you.  Show us the way to be
helpful through kindness.  Guide us to
do hard work at school and help
us be kind to other students.  Show
us how to help others during hard
times with kindness.  Please help
us be compassionate to each other
and help us to pray for those in need.

Grade 1, St. Cornelius RED


Annie, Grade 7, St. Regis School


First Grade Class, St. Cornelius Religious Education

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