Lord, please give me the power
to treat others with gentleness,
with sincere compassion and love.
Please guide me in the direction of Jesus,
to forgive and forget
and treat others with the gentleness of a saint.

Marily, Grade 8, Everest Academy

Gentleness is a gift…   
that Jesus taught us by his way.
It’s how we deal with others…
in our lives each and every day.
We must be calm and show we care…
in how we act and how we speak.
Being gentle is being soft…
it’s being kind and being meek.
Gentleness is a virtue…
that Jesus expects of you and me.
A loving way to live our lives…
as Christians who follow He.
We must put others before ourselves…
and be considerate in all we do.
This fruit of the Holy Spirit…
is a gift given to me and you.

Grade 3, St. Edith RED


Danielle, Grade 7, St. Regis School


3rd Grade Class, St. Edith Religious Education

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