Lord Jesus, I came to ask you for help.
Help me today to give myself to you.
Help me to share my virtues and my qualities
with the people around me.
I want to give them:
My mouth, to share your words,
My eyes, to share the wonders you have done,
My ears, to share what you want to tell them,
My mind, to share my knowledge, and
My soul, to share your acts.
Don’t let me offend you,
and don’t let me forget you gave yourself to me,
and you shared all you had.
Help me be an example and a guide
for all those people you put on my path,
Through Christ our Lord,

Marily, Grade 8, Everest Academy

Dear Jesus,
Give me the grace to be
charitable.  Help me do kind
things for others.  Help me
let go of material things.
I would like to give my
un-opened toys to poor
children.  Also, help me save
my money so I can give
it to the poor.  Help me
see you, Jesus in others.  And
may other people see you,
Jesus in me.

Jodi, Grade 3, St. Damian


Arianna, Grade 8, St. Clare of Montefalco School


Josh, Grade 8, St. Clare of Montefalco School

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