Fear of the Lord

Lord, we give thanks to you
for the gift of fear of the Lord.
Oh, Lord, we are happy to respect you
and not to sin against you.
We try not to sin because
we offend you in that way, God.
By doing that, we respect you in our works. 
Help us, furthermore,
not to sin and to respect you,
Christ our redeemer.  

Gabriel, Grade 5, St. Mary Rockwood

A spiritual gift
that gives us
respect for God.
It keeps us from
sinning so we don’t
offend God the
Father Almighty
and don’t be afraid
to talk to the Lord.

Matthew, Grade 3, St. Genevieve


Sarah, Grade 7, St. Regis School


Akil, Grade 6, St. Clare of Montefalco School

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