Dear Jesus,
I want to ask you for the
gift of courage.
Give me the courage to stand
for what I believe in.
Give me courage to be myself
regardless of what people think.
Help me to help others not
be afraid to be themselves.
Give me the courage to teach
more people about you.

Monica, Grade 8, Everest Academy

Lord, we humbly ask that you
give us the fortitude to always
remember to live our lives
in a way that will bring
us closer to you.
Make clear the right choices
so that we stay firm in
pursuing what is good.
Help us to conquer the
fears that this world will
bring and keep our faith
strong to overcome anything.

Andrea, Grade 4, St. Genevieve


Erin, Grade 7, St. Genevieve School


Jack, Grade 8, Shrine Academy

Dear God,
Help me have fortitude (courage) like
Jesus did on the cross. Help me
have it in every way I live.

Nicolas, Grade 3, Holy Name

Grant me fortitude loving God.
You who know all of my heart,
And see me all of my days,
Truly know what virtues I lack,
For when I know I must right a wrong,
Be at my side, make me strong.
But without your help I will not prevail,
Fear shall overtake me, and I shall fail.
So I beg of you, grant me this gift,
To trust in you with all my being,
Like David, a man after your heart,
At the foot of Goliath, a fearsome foe.
So do I stand at the foot of Satan,
to fight for my soul.
But without this gift I shall not win,
And constantly will I fall in sin.
So grant me fortitude loving God,
And make me strong standing by your side.

Ian, Grade 7, Home School/ Our Lady of Good Counsel

Andrea, Grade 4, St. Genevieve School


Kathryn, Grade 4, St. Mary Rockwood School

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