Welcoming the New Roman Missal

New Roman Missal

A Greater Understanding of the Liturgy

New Roman Missal

On Nov. 27, 2011 the way the Mass is spoken changed throughout the Archdiocese of Detroit. A new translation has been written of the Roman Missal, the ritual book that we follow in celebrating the Eucharist.

After almost a year of preparation, study and reflection, the changes are now complete:

  • Musicians have learned the new music
  • Priests have practiced the changes
  • Congregations have been introduced to prayers

Every parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit and throughout the world will participate in this new language of the liturgy.

Originally written in Latin, the Roman Missal has been translated to English once again to more closely reflect the true meaning of the text. Changes have been made to the words, not to the rituals. The biggest difference is in the wording and music, which more accurately portray the Latin version in English.

It will take time, effort and openness to this new work of the Holy Spirit to pray with a new understanding and appreciation of what God is doing at the liturgy. Let us not look back, but forward.

  • Side-by-side comparison of Mass changes