Statue of Crowned Mary at Old St. Mary's - Greektown

Catholic Faith

Prayer & Worship

When we worship it is a visible or outward expression of our faith. Human beings are made of body and soul and so our interior faith needs to be expressed in words and signs.

Christian worship directly concerns the events of salvation history embodied in Jesus Christ.  It is God's communication to us using emotions, words, actions and signs.

Together, we celebrate the rites of the Church including; baptism, initiation of adults, penance, marriage, ordination, anointing of the sick, funerals, dedication of churches, Liturgy of the Hours and the celebration of Mass.

Through worship we are also reminded that we must be live in service to others.

  • Prayers »

    A list of prayers offered through our Catholic Faith and on special occasions. An A-Z list of prayers to help you communicate with God everyday.

  • Liturgical Calendar »

    The most holy days of the year and instructions on the types of Masses permitted and not permitted on those days.

  • Christian Funerals »

    For all Christians, the Church’s funeral rites are essential to the life of faith, hope, and charity to which God the Father calls us. These rites are about salvation, and our own sharing in the communion of Jesus Christ in his dying and rising. The faithful celebration of the Church’s funeral rites greatly benefits us spiritually and consoles us in sorrow.

  • Order of the Mass »

    There are many specific ways in which we celebrate the Mass, espcially in the order of our prayers and rituals we perform. Learn more about the order of the mass and the New Roman Missal, which was instituted in 2011.

  • Pastoral Music »

    The music ministry is designed to bring song into the Mass through a pastoral musician. The primary function of the pastoral musician is to be rooted in the Gospel and to lead the singing assembly into prayer, through celebration, preparation, evaluation, education and personal ministry.

  • Questions and Answers »

    Find answers to questions about RCIA, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Patronal Feast, Mass Intentions, Parish Liturgical Ministries and more.

  • Church Terms »

    From A to Z, here you'll find a list of the terms that define the Catholic faith.

  • Parish Resources »

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