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Natural Family Planning

Avoiding or Achieving Pregnancy

Natural Family Planning, or NFP, is a method of birth regulation that is consistent with Catholic marriage vows by which a couple recognizes the natural, biological signs of fertility and infertility. To avoid pregnancy, the couple abstains from all sexual contact during the fertile time. To achieve pregnancy, the couple engages in marital intercourse during the fertile time.

Endorsed Presentations Description
Conjugal Love: An Introduction to Marriage and NFP Church teaching about the Sacrament of marriage, with medical and scientific support for choosing NFP as a healthy, moral and successful way to postpone or achieve pregnancy | Register
Marquette Model

Contact: Lauren Vitale, BSN, RN
(313) 969-5802
The Marquette Method is a form of Natural Family Planning: a chemical-free and researched way to avoid or achieve pregnancy. It includes the optional use of the Clearblue fertility monitor, and can be combined with other indicators of fertility, such as cervical mucus observations or temperature measurements to meet reproductive goals.
The Marquette Method is especially useful for couples who are post-partum and breastfeeding.
Classes are taught online and in-person. Registration is required. Please contact the instructor for schedules & pricing.

Sympto-Thermal Method Contact: Couple to Couple League | Determining a woman's time of fertility by correlating three signs of fertility: cervical mucus, temperature rise and cervical changes
Family of the Americas Foundation
Ovulation Method
Determines a woman's time of fertility based on the presence of cervical mucus, which occurs before ovulation
Planeacion Natural de la Familia
El Método de la Ovulación
Contact: 313-271-0497
Se habla Español. 
Sessions in Southwest Detroit

Creighton Model FertilityCare System

Mary Margaret Early

FertilityCare Services of Plymouth
Determines a woman’s time of fertility using standardized observations of cervical mucus.  Creighton Model can be used both to achieve and avoid pregnancy. In cooperation with NaPro TECHNOLOGY®, the Creighton Model assists in the identification and treatment of various reproductive and gynecologic health issues. Learning takes place in a series of private follow-ups after an Introductory Session has been attended.

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