Enrichment Articles

A list of articles to help you and your spouse enrich your marriage a little more everyday. These articles also appear in our quarterly Marriage Ministry email called, The First Years and Beyond.

September 2019 Fighting Fair in Love and Marriage

Grilling for Relationships
December 2018 Prayers for Catholic Couples

Make a Couple's Spiritual New Year's Resolution
July 2018 Husband in Pursuit - Into the Wild

9 Habits of Highly Resilient Couples
January 2018 Husbands Love Your Wives

Setting New Year Marriage Goals
September 2017 I Have No Idea Who I Married

I Want to Grow Old with You
July 2017 Dialogue: An Essential tool for strengthening love in marriage

A Novena Prayer to Undo the Difficult Knots in Your Marriage
April 2017 Loving Each Other Well

Non-verbal Cues and Tips for Managing Conflict
January 2017 Thinking Affects Relationships

A Loving Spouse or a Difficult Spouse?
October 2016 The Mystery of Sacrifice in Marriage

Broken Together
July 2016 12 Things Exceptional Couples Know About Love

10 Tips for How to Love Your Wife
April 2016 Strive for a Virtuous Marriage

Perseverance: Love Never Fails
January 2016 Making your "Better Half" your Best Friend

Building your Spiritual Life as a Couple
September 2015 What I Did This Summer
Marriage Counseling - Knowing When to Get Help
June 2015 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Connection is Key
April 2015 We Can Work it Out
Keeping Our Focus in the Storm
March 2015 Crazy in Love
What Have You Done for Your Marriage Today?
January 2015 Here We Grow Again
Are You Invisible To Your Spouse?
December 2014 The Holiday Season for Newly Marrieds
What I Didn't Know About Marriage
October 2014 Making Time for Each Other During the Week
Know Yourself, Know Your Spouse
June 2014 Intentional Dialogue: The Life Blood of Healthy Marriages
Freedom Through Forgiveness
March 2014 Managing Stress in Your Marriage
Raising the Emotional Intelligence of Your Marriage
January 2014 Setting New Year Marriage Goals
The Marriage I Always Wanted
September 2013 Avoiding Communication Fouls
Build Your House on Rock!
June 2013 What I Didn't Know About Marriage
Good Marriages Don't Just Happen
April 2013 The Art of Compromise
5 Obstacles to Effective Listening
February 2013 Grade Your Marriage
Freedom Through Forgiveness
December 2012 Active Listening is Not a Spectator Sport
  Soften Your Startup for Success
October 2012 Communicate Yourself to a Better Marriage
  Seven Prayer Suggestions for Couples
September 2012 Overcoming Five Obstacles to Effective Communication
  God's Help for Our Marriages
August 2012 Free Yourself
  The Expression of "I Care"
May 2012 Intentional Communication
  Making Love On A Budget
January 2012 If Only I Could Change My Spouse
Marriage is First Being, Then Doing
October 2011 Raising the Emotional Intelligence of your Marriage
  Stages of Growth in Marriage