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Recommended Resources

Resources Referencing Church Teachings

Homosexuality and the Catholic Church: Clear Answers to Difficult Questions, by Fr. John F. Harvey, O.S.F.S.
As the founder and director of the Courage and Encourage support groups, Fr. John Harvey is aware of the sensitive nature of homosexuality. With his extensive experience ministering to those with same-sex attraction, Fr. Harvey presents the Church’s teaching in an objective and pastorally-sensitive manner. Priests, religious, and laity alike will benefit from the many questions considered here.

Truth about Homosexuality: The Cry of the Faithful, by Fr. John F. Harvey, O.S.F.S.
This book addresses the complex moral and pastoral questions involved in both homosexual orientation and activity, including an analysis of lifestyles in accord with the Christian Gospel and those running counter to Christian moral teaching.

Does the Church Hate Persons With Same-Sex Attraction?, by Sue Ellen Browder
Father Paul Check of Courage International puts the question of homosexuality in its proper context.

Same-Sex Science, by Stanton L. Jones
The social sciences cannot settle the moral status of homosexuality.

Living the Truth in Love: Pastoral Approaches to Same Sex Attraction by Janet E. Smith, Fr. Paul Check This volume contains a collection of essays for people who want to be instruments of Christ's love to those who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) and seek guidance on how best to do so. Topics include an explanation of the meaning of the word "disorder", a discussion of the therapeutic power of friendship, and an application of Saint John Paul II’s personalism to the question of same-sex attraction. Psychologists and counselors explain various ways of affirming those who experience SSA and of leading them to experience the power of Christ’s healing love. Several of those who experience SSA tell their touching and inspiring stories.

Resources for People with Same Sex Attraction

Beyond Gay, by David Morrison
Leadership in the Catholic Church today is in great need of accurate information about homosexuality. This book is the first of what will hopefully be a substantial new body of Catholic literature giving voice to individuals who, in spite of experiencing same-sex attractions, refuse to define themselves as gay. This is the first such autobiography written by a Catholic, aimed at a Catholic audience, and printed by a Catholic publishing house. Introduction by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

Out of Egypt, by Jeanette Howard
This book is an invaluable support for women struggling with their sexual identity. For many years Jeanette was an active lesbian. When, as a result of her new-found Christian faith, she realized the need to change her lifestyle, she could find little immediate help. This book is the result of her five-year walk away from lesbianism. Through it she wants to provide a practical tool which can guide others towards the Promised Land of freedom in Christ. Her careful and honest teaching will prove invaluable not only to Christians struggling with lesbianism, but also pastors, counselors and family members seeking greater understanding.

Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction, by Anne Paulk
Restoring Sexual Identity offers answers to the most commonly asked questions from both homosexuals desiring change and friends and relatives of women struggling with same-sex attraction. Important questions are answered as the author draws from her own experience and that of many other former lesbians who participated in an extensive survey on same-sex attraction.

Resources For Parents

Loving a Child with Same-Sex Attraction, By Joan Frawley Desmond
Father Paul Check of the Courage apostolate asks parents to be guided by the clarity and authentic compassion of the Gospel message.

A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality, by Joseph Nicolosi and Linda Ames Nicolosi
Homosexuality: is it learned, biological or both? The answer to this question deeply concerns parents. They want to know how they can best raise their children. In this groundbreaking book Joseph and Linda Ames Nicolosi uncover the most significant factors that contribute to a child's healthy sense of self as male or female. The Nicolosis provide clear insight for identifying potential developmental roadblocks and give practical advice to parents for helping their children securely identify with their gender.