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You don't have to make this journey alone!

Courage offers spiritual support groups to help Catholics with same-sex attractions (SSA) live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church's teaching.

The cornerstone of Courage is a program of five goals and twelve steps. Coupled with fellowship and sharing of personal experiences, these steps can aid in spiritual growth.

Courage members are free to pursue professional therapy to further understand and possibly diminish their same-sex attractions. They are under no moral obligation to do so.

Contact Us Confidentiality

Courage provides confidential, welcoming, and informative support for men and women with SSA. Please join us.

Call: 313-237-5900

Courage believes that with human support and Divine Intervention:

Persons with SSA can follow Jesus Christ according to Roman Catholic spiritual and moral teaching.

It is possible to have SSA and live a chaste and productive life.

Persons with SSA can develop an assured grace-filled understanding of themselves while growing into their true identities as mature men and women.

Homosexual attractions or feelings are not a sin; however, homosexual acts are immoral and do not lead to a deeper life in Christ.

A person’s dignity does not depend upon his or her sexual attractions but upon his or her relationship to Jesus Christ.

Homosexual desires are not usually a person’s choice.

Therapy may address underlying emotional issues related to SSA; however, therapy cannot guarantee that SSA will be eliminated.

Men and women with SSA can lead chaste lives. Chastity, made possible by Christ’s redemption, is a liberating virtue and a source of joy and human freedom.

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