Unleash the Gospel

Our Intercessor

Fr. Gabriel Richard
Bronze bust of Father Gabriel Richard
at his tomb at Ste. Anne de Detroit Church

Born in France, Fr. Richard escaped the guillotine during the French Revolution and came to United States in 1792. He arrived in Detroit in 1798 as pastor at Ste Anne de Detroit. During the great fire of 1805, when the entire settlement was destroyed, Fr. Richard proclaimed a legendary phrase that would go on to become the motto of the city of Detroit:

Fr. Richard brought the first printing press to the city and founded the city's first newspaper. He co-founded the University of Michigan in 1817. Preached the Gospel to all - including to protestant congregations and Indians.

Fr. Richard died while ministering day and night to the sick during a cholera epidemic.

Today, we seek that renewal that Fr. Richard spoke of with the confidence that comes from faith in Jesus Christ. We ask you to join us in asking for his intercession.

SPERAMUS MELIORA RESURGET CINERIBUS - "We hope for better things. It will rise again from the ashes."

Father Gabriel Richard, pray for us!