Intercessory Prayer

Pope Francis' Prayer for the New Evangelization

Be an Intercessor

As the Church sets sail to be "fishers of men," you have a role to play through the ministry of intercessory prayer.

Those who enter into intercessory prayer ministry make a decision to pray on behalf of a person or group of people. Intercessors “go between” the Lord and those who need prayer. The Archdiocese of Detroit seeks to unify and strengthen the prayers of the faithful in preparation for the 2016 synod and evangelization efforts. This ministry is extremely important to the future of the Church in Detroit. The fruitfulness of evangelization depends upon graces called down through intercession.

Join us as we pray...

  • For successful implmentation of the New Evangelization before, during and following the archdiocesan synod in November 2016
  • That the Church in Detroit bring all souls to Christ the Redeemer
  • For unity: That all work together led by the guiding presence of the Holy Spirit

Take action!

At your parish

Contact your pastor, pastoral associate or a member of your parish pastoral council to see if there's an intercessory prayer group at your parish. If there isn't one, you could inquire about forming one!

At home

The Archdiocese of Detroit Office of Evangelization invites you to be a part of transforming the Church by joining an archdiocese-wide intercessory prayer group. If you'd like to receive periodic prayer updates, with suggested petitions and intentions from the archdiocese, please provide your e-mail address below.

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