Stewardship Thoughts - July 4/5

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel from the evangelist St. Matthew, Jesus proclaims: Come to Me, all who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Some scholars conclude the Prophet Zechariah’s prophesy of a savior-king, meek and humbly riding on a donkey, foreshadows Christ’s peaceful entry into Jerusalem before His Passion. St. Paul’s Letter to the Roman community reminds us that God’s Spirit dwells in us. These encouraging words comfort Christian disciples in times of difficulty. As we express a spirit of evangelization through our stewardship of prayer, service, and generosity, may we strive to put our full faith and trust in our Lord and Savior. Strengthen your trust in Jesus by opening your heart to make Him personal in your life. Spend quiet time each day resting, clearing your mind, and listening to our Lord.