Stewardship Thoughts - August 29/30

Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

A central theme develops in today’s Scripture passages regarding God’s will. The prophet Jeremiah’s personal relationship with God inspires him to do the Lord’s will in spite of his reluctance. Even as his community mocks him, he prophesies against the leaders’ idol worship and unjust treatment of the poor. In St. Paul’s Letter to the Roman community, he encourages them to convert and renew their minds and bodies to what is good, pleasing, and perfect to Him in order to find God’s will. In the Gospel from the evangelist St. Matthew, Jesus aligns himself with His Father’s will when He tells His disciples that He will suffer, die, and be raised up on the third day. For Christian stewards, pursuing, finding, and then doing the Father’s will leads to deeper discipleship and a personal relationship with Jesus. For wise stewards, they also find peace, joy, and fulfillment in this life. Establishing your spiritual life is key to discovering God’s will. Begin by making daily quiet time to listen and pray to the Lord along with reading a few verses of Scripture.