Lord Jesus, King of my heart.  
Temptation attempted to make me fall once more. 
I am Peter on the water seeking guidance. 
Help me not to stumble!
I am Thomas when I start to doubt. 
Help me not to question! 
Turn my mess into a message, my test into my
testimony, my trial into a triumph.
When I am victim into victory, make my struggle be my strength. 
Lord, how do I ask this if not through faith? 
How do I find you if not through faith? 
How do I know you if not through faith?
Jesus, you are love, and by love faith upholds me. 
Christ, help me to increase my faith in you!
Jesus, you are the gardener of love that grows to the fullest. 
Water my faith, tiny as a mustard seed.
Let it grow and praise you forever!

Written by: Daniela, Grade 7, Everest Academy

Illustrated by: Joe, Grade 7, St. Genevieve School

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