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Private School Aid

Archdiocese of Detroit Tuition Assistance Program
Private School Aid Service (PSAS)
Qualifying Children Catholic children residing in the six counties of the Archdiocese of Detroit.
Participating Schools All Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit.
Grades K through 12
Family Eligibility Based on need
Term of Assistance One year (must qualify annually)
Maximum Amount $800 for primary school students
$500 for high school students
Contact Call 313-237-5767 for a recorded message with more information.
What is the difference between the Online Application and the Interactive PDF Application?
Online Application

Allows you to complete the application online and submit electronically to PSAS.

Online submission initial requirements:
  • Enter all requested data
  • Pay the application fee by Credit card or ACH
  • Download the Pastor's signature form and upload or fax to PSAS
  • Upload or fax any additional supporting documentation requested
Interactive PDF Application

You may complete the Interactive PDF application but you must print a hard copy and send directly to PSAS.

Interactive PDF initial requirements:
  • Printed copy of the complete and signed application
  • Check or money order made payable to PSAS
  • Financial documentation
  • Pastor's signature on the completed application

2016-2017 PSAS Online Application

Apply here:

Once you click on the link, you will be directed to a landing page (hosted by PSAS) which will include your application deadline(s) and any additional instructions specific to your program. The online info guide below provides instructions and assistance for completing the online application.

Download 2016-2017 PSAS Application Interactive PDF Documents*

*If your school has an Independent Contract with PSAS and you were required to send in your application prior to the AOD deadline date of April 7, please download the Pastor Signature Form and have your Pastor sign. If you received your Pastor's signature on the actual application, you do not need to resend this information. It is not necessary to send another copy of your application. The Pastor Signature Form should only be signed if you are completing an application online or you do not have his signature on your original application. The fax number is located at the bottom of the form.

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