Catholic School Planning

Planning & Restructuring

A large part of the goal for Catholic school planning is to ensure that schools stay connected to the greater ecclesial community. In 2012, parish and school leaders will determine—together—how best to meet the needs of students and parents who seek a Catholic education. An archdiocesan Catholic schools advisory board is overseeing the planning analysis.

Four major goals of the Catholic school strategic plan:

  • Have a strong Catholic Culture & Identity
  • Be centers of Strong Academics
  • Be accessible to all Catholic children in the archdiocese
  • Be free of debt & operating loss
  • Strategic Planning »

    To understand the essential role of Catholic schools in the mission of the Church, we will promote the evangelical mission of schools, centered on Christ, while enhancing their academic excellence & providing equal access through shared resources.

  • Phase I Planning »

    During 2011, parishes throughout the Archdicoese of Detroit set out to plan the future of Catholic schools. Groups of stakeholders were formed to assess each school and how well it fits into the mission of the local parish. The process was meant to ensure that a top-tier education is made available to every Catholic family.

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