Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools

Choosing a Catholic Education

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Catholic Schools serve as an integral extension of the educational ministry of the Archdiocese of Detroit, whose mission is to continue Jesus’s call to teach.

Catholic Schools provide a learning environment, which encourages academic excellence alongside racial and cultural diversity unique to the Archdiocese of Detroit. View a directory of our Catholic Schools.

  • K-8 Open Houses »

    Learn more about sending your child to a Catholic Elementary School at one our open houses scheduled throughout 2013.

  • Standardized Testing »

    The Archdiocese of Detroit participates in standardized testing programs to help improve our own instruction methods. Standardized testing is just one way to evaluate the quality of our schools.

  • The Right Questions »

    Parents have the important responsibility of choosing the right school for their children. It is one of the most important decisions parents make. Selecting a school that matches a family's faith traditions, values and the needs of the child all play an important role in this decision.

  • Terminology »

    Browse through the selection of definitions relevant to understanding the terminology of Catholic schools.

  • PowerSchool »

    Login to PowerSchool Student Information System

  • Safety and Security »

    Designed for teachers, parents and school administrators, this compiled list contains tips, forms and notes to aid in providing a safe environment for children.

  • Sports and Activities »

    Sports are a highly-important aspect of a Catholic School education in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Our goal is to educate students not only as academics in the classroom but also as leaders on the field. Learning to work together as a team is an essential part of family life and career, which we hope will bolster our students after their school years.