Protecting Children Safe Environments

Compliance and Audits

Since the release of standards by the USCCB in 2002, the Archdiocese of Detroit has been audited by an outside agency to determine our adherence to national policies. The audits are currently conducted every year with an on-site audit every third year. The latest results from an on-site audit were released in November, 2014.  In each audit so far, the Archdiocese of Detroit has been found to be in full compliance.

Prevention is the most important next step in addressing the clergy abuses of the past. The Archdiocese of Detroit employs a number of key protocols to ensure that children are not abused in our community in the future. A Review Board was formed in 2002 to face all issues surrounding sexual abuse by clergy in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

The Review Board is comprised of members with diverse expertise, including:

  • Legal professionals
  • Parents Healthcare professionals
  • Canon Law experts

As a roadmap, the Archdiocese of Detroit follows the policies developed nationally by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and those developed locally within the archdiocese.

Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (USCCB)

Policies and Procedures Regarding Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests, Deacons and Other Church Personnel (AOD)


Every person connected to the Archdiocese of Detroit, whether clergy, employee or volunteer, are required to submit to certain protocols before possibly coming in contact with a child. They include:

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