Letter to priests regarding ministry to those with same-sex attraction

From The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop | Issued December 15, 2015 The following letter was issued December 15, 2015, from Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron to the priests of the Archdiocese of Detroit:

Dear Brothers,

I thank you for the positive feedback you provided on my recent letter regarding the Church’s perspective on Muslim immigration into the United States. As that communication proved helpful, it seems that it would be good for me to offer support and guidance in regard to another, recurring topic of societal interest, which is human sexuality and ministry to those with same-sex attraction.

Sadly, each day more harm seems to be done to God’s people by the confusion sown on this topic. Still, amid changes in attitudes, civil laws, and the amount of and types of attention given to the topic, it is important to lovingly share the Good News about marriage and sexuality that Christ has entrusted to his Church. This saving truth is well articulated in the Catechism (CCC2357-2365). Clearly, the Church is present to minister to those with homosexual inclinations, to be their companions on the road, and to aid them in living chaste and holy lives in accordance with God’s plan as revealed in natural law. As the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council reminded us, every disciple of Jesus is called to holiness, called to be a saint. The U.S. Bishops have provided an especially helpful resource in this regard, in the 2006 document, “Ministry to Persons with a Homosexual Inclination: Guidelines for Pastoral Care.” We are fortunate, also, in the Archdiocese to have the presence of the Courage Apostolate, as a direct ministry for those with homosexual inclinations. Please make use of these resources, and rely on God’s grace as you continue your vital ministry to His people, ever confident that Christ’s, and his Church’s, teaching on these challenging subjects is the only path for human flourishing.

As together we continue our joyful mission of sharing the Good News of salvation, I remain,

Fraternally yours in Christ,

The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron
Archbishop of Detroit