Archdiocesan Finance Council

The Archdiocesan Finance Council is a consultative body in place to advise the archbishop on many financial and administrative matters affecting the Archdiocese of Detroit.

The 10-member council is made up of experts in finance, administration and law who help oversee the archdiocese’s $36-million annual budget (FY2011).

On certain decisions, canon law requires the archbishop to seek consultation and sometimes consent from the Archdiocesan Finance Council before acting. Members of the council hold their seats for five-year terms.


Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron, President
James E. Bayson, Chairperson

Kay Benesh
Monsignor Thomas Johnson
Terrence E. Hamilton
Robert W. Koval
Michael McNally
Timothy M. Monahan
Nettie Seabrooks
Michael A. Vlasic

Richard Austin, Finance Officer