Your Gifts at Work

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Your generous gift to the Catholic Services Appeal will do so much for so many.

The budget for the 2015 Catholic Services Appeal is $17,839,175. Your gifts to the CSA are used solely and exclusively to support the archdiocesan ministries, programs, and services, as well as certain national collections of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, listed below.

No CSA dollars have ever been — or ever will be — used to support projects outside of the Archdiocese, other than those USCCB national collections, or to settle claims of any nature against the Archdiocese. The archdiocesan lay Finance Council oversees the distribution of CSA funds to ensure all reach the ministries, programs, and services for which they are intended.

Your CSA Gifts at Work

Clergy and Consecrated Life

  • Convocation for Priests and Deacons
  • Pastoral Care of Priests
  • Delegate for Religious
  • Pastoral Care of Permanent Deacons
  • Clergy Immigration Legal Services


  • AOD.org website
  • Catholic Television Network of Detroit (CTND)
  • Graphic Design
  • Internal/External Messaging
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media

Development and Stewardship

  • Catholic Services Appeal administration
  • Parish Stewardship Commissions and committees
  • Parish stewardship presentations
  • Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Evangelization, Catechesis and Schools

  • Black Catholic Ministries
  • Catechetical Programming and Formation
  • Catholic Schools
  • Evangelization
  • Hispanic Ministries
  • Health, Athletics, Physical Education and Safety
  • Marriage and Family Life
  • Ministerial Certification
    • Catechists
    • Christian Service
    • Directors of religious education
    • Pastoral ministers
      • Liturgical musicians
    • RCIA
    • Youth ministers
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Project Rachel
  • Pro-Life
  • RCIA
    • Consultation
    • Formation for RCIA teams
  • School Outreach Fund grants
  • Youth Ministries
  • Young Adults and Campus Ministries

Metropololitan Tribunal

  • Investigates matrimonial validity
    • Declarations of nullity
    • Privileges (Pauline & Petrine)
  • Canonical matters
    • Answers questions
    • Parish presentations
  • Resource for parish staffs

National Collections

  • Black and Indian Missions
  • Catholic Communications Campaign
  • Catholic Home Missions
  • Catholic University of America
  • Church in Latin America
  • Holy Land

Parish Life and Services

  • Administration of local Rice Bowl and CCHD grants
  • Administration of Adopt A Family
  • Liaison to Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan (CCSEM)
  • Christian Service and Health Care Ministries
    • Certification Committee (Collaboration with Evangelization, Catechesis and Schools)
    • Christian Service Coordinator’s Association training and enrichment
    • Community Collaborative Response Team for Natural Disasters
    • CCSEM Disabilities Task Force
    • Liaison to Hospital Chaplains
    • Parish Nurse development
    • Parish Christian Service Commissions and committees
    • Bridges to Hope Initiative facilitator
    • Divorced and Separated Support Group for CCSEM
    • Deaf Ministry
  • Ecumenical / Interfaith Relations
  • Native American Ministries
  • Parish Empowerment Fund grants and scholarships
  • Pastoral Planning & Leadership Services
    • Together in Faith pastoral planning
    • Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
    • Conflict mediation
    • Evangelization (Collaboration with Evangelization, Catechesis and Schools)
    • Lay leadership training
    • Leadership development
    • Mapping and Surveys
    • Parish clustering, merging, and closing transitions
    • Parish Pastoral Councils and Commissions
    • Pastor transition
    • Research, demographics and statistics
    • Strategic Planning
    • Vicariate Pastoral Councils
  • Christian Worship
    • Archdiocesan Worship Commission
    • Electronic newsletters
      • Music update
      • Worship News
    • Formation for
      • Choirs, cantors, and choir directors
      • Liturgical ministers
      • Process for RCIA Directors/Catechists to receive delegation for the Minor Rites
      • RCIA teams
    • Liturgical calendar advisories
    • Liturgical celebrations for clustering, merging, and closing parishes
    • Liturgical resources and consultation for
      • All parishes
      • Church building and renovation
    • Liturgical resources and research
    • Mass for Shut-ins
    • Music Ministries
      • Archdiocesan Chorus
      • Cathedral Cultural Series
      • Certification (Collaboration with Evangelization, Catechesis and Schools)
      • Music Ministries at Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament 
      • Music Ministries at St. John’s
      • Planning for Archdiocesan liturgies
    • Neophyte gatherings with Auxiliary Bishops
    • Preservation of sacred objects
    • Rite of Election
    • Roman Reconciliation Services

Priestly Vocations

  • Evening prayer and vocation dinner with Archbishop Vigneron
  • Day of discernment with Archbishop Vigneron
  • Discernment overnights
  • Discernment weekends
  • High School Vocation Awareness Days
  • Junior High Vocation Awareness Days
  • Outreach to parishes and schools
  • Support for Archdiocese of Detroit seminarians
  • Vocations convocation
  • Vocations literature, brochures, and prayer cards
  • Walking discernment pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Sacred Heart Major Seminary

  • Candidates for the priesthood
  • Candidates for the permanent diaconate
  • Lay Ecclesial Ministers
  • Leadership Development