Questions and Answers

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How do I pledge a gift to the Catholic Services Appeal?

Beginning on CSA Weekend, May 7-8, you may pledge your gift to the Catholic Services Appeal at your parish or online. Your parish office can answer any questions about your pledge card.

Is a payment plan available?

Your pledge may be paid with an optional initial payment and then nine additional payments. Paying your pledge over several months allows you to give more generously and take into account other financial responsibilities. You may also select a quarterly payment plan. Simply check the box on your pledge card to select a pledge plan.

Do I have to make a down payment?

A down payment is optional, but it does allow you to spread your CSA gift over 10 payments. So, for example, if you pledge $500, you could make a down payment of $50, and then complete your pledge with nine additional payments of $50.

May I make my CSA pledge payments electronically?

Yes, you can either make a gift online or with your credit or debit card. Simply indicate on your pledge card that you prefer payments, after the optional initial payment, be withdrawn from your bank account or charged to a credit card.

Will I receive payment envelopes?

If you choose to make payments by check, the Archdiocese will send you pledge reminder envelopes, beginning in July. The reminder includes your pledge amount, amount paid, balance, and payment amount due.

I misplaced my envelope. Where can I send my CSA payment?

Please make your payment payable to “Catholic Services Appeal (CSA)” and send it to:

Catholic Services Appeal
P.O. Box 44077
Detroit, MI 48244-0077

Also, if you make your payment electronically through your bank, please be sure to use this address.

May I give stock to the Catholic Services Appeal?

You are welcome to give stock to the Catholic Services Appeal. Please contact your parish office for the appropriate information.

Has my CSA Identification Number changed?

You now have a universal Family ID, regardless of the parish where you are registered or what parish you wish to receive credit for your CSA gift. Your Family ID does not have a prefix signifying your registered parish, as it is now identified in the general CSA information system.

Each pledge has a Pledge ID, which identifies that particular pledge and ensures accuracy in recording your pledge payments. This Pledge ID is unique for each pledge you make to CSA, whether to multiple parishes or for each CSA campaign year. If you pay electronically through your bank, please use the new Pledge ID.

Can I make CSA gifts through more than one parish?

You are welcome to make a CSA gift to any parish you choose. You will receive one year-end tax statement in January, which will detail all of your CSA gifts.

Who can answer a question about my pledge or payments?

If you have any questions about your CSA pledge or payments, please e-mail or call Donor Services at csa@aod.org or 313-596-7330.