Become a Deacon

The Archdiocese of Detroit welcomes inquiries from Catholic men who after prayerful discernment seek to respond to the call to serve in the Permanent Diaconate.

The deacon is a man of faith called by the church to serve God and God's people as an official representative of the church. He assists the bishop and priests in performing sacraments, proclamation of the Gospel and by dedicating himself to the charity of others.

Deacons promise to live in service to God's people for the rest of their lives. The role of the deacon is to proclaim by his life the church's call to serve the needs of others. The deacon is the animator and promoter of what the community of faith must be—a community of service.

Whether married or single, the majority of deacons continue to support themselves through their own profession or occupation. By continuing in their occupation, deacons have the opportunity to bring the presence of Christ to the community in a unique way. They become a symbol of Christ and the church serving the world. Ordinarily, deacons offer their ministry freely to the church and receive no monetary compensation for their service.