Prayer for Black History Month

Written by Fr. Clarence Williams, CPPS

Father of creation
Whose Son Jesus incarnated in time
And whose Spirit enlivens our lives today
May we honor the height of your creation, the Human Family
In every hue that you chose to give each person of our family human

Jesus, brother of us all
Your prayer to the Father "that they all may be one"
Through the Holy Spirit
May we witness this Unity of One

Each people with its history of your love
Each people created in your earthly garden seen from above
A people's story woven in struggle and triumph
Tears of pain and shouts of joy
The journey of a people in its history's flow
The divine weaver's loom hand does show

Spirit of God in the month of appreciating
The gift of your children of African descent
May we be inspired to see your kingdom mystery
In one facet of the jewel of our Human Family's descent

Unity the prayer of your incarnate Son
Disciples praying the Our Father that we may all be one
One in love of the family human
One in hope for the family human
One in faith in the family human
This month, next week and everyday