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The ministries of the Archdiocese of Detroit serve as a direct link between parishioners and the mission of the Church. Through ministry, members of our Catholic community find a greater sense of purpose in their worship of God. Here, some may even find a vocation in ministering to members of their local parish. Read more about the various ministries of the Archdiocese of Detroit below.

  • Black Catholic Ministry »

    Black Catholic Ministries offers programs and outreach to diverse communities of Catholics throughout the Archdiocese of Detroit. We are committed to improving the spiritual and social needs of black Catholics.

  • Men's Ministry »

    Across the Archdiocese of Detroit and across the world, men are coming together in parishes and other local groups to grow deeper in their fellowship with the Lord and with one another.

  • Ministerio Hispano »

    Information of interest for our Spanish-speaking audience. Here you'll find news, planning data and resources that have been translated into Spanish.

  • Young Adult & Campus Ministry »

    Serving Catholics from ages 18-35, campus ministry and young adult ministry in the Archdiocese of Detroit looks to serve this demographic by providing opportunities to grow in faith through evangelization, catechesis, spiritual growth, liturgical formation, social events, and service.

  • Youth Ministry »

    Youth Ministry, in the Archdiocese of Detroit, exists to provide direction and leadership to young and older adolescents. We encourage parishes and Catholic schools to be responsive to the spiritual, emotional, psychological, social and physical development of youth.

  • Staff and Ministry Resources »

Reference this information directly at http://www.aod.org/evangelization/